The Image Protector feature is only available for our Unix shared hosting plans such as our Custom Pro, Universal, and Infinity plans. This feature allows you to protect any directory where images are stored in order to prevent other sites from linking to your images, using up your bandwidth, and perhaps violating your copyrights.

To configure Image Protector, follow the Image Protector link from the main page of your MyCP. In the field “Enter Directory”, type the path to the image directory you would like to protect (i.e. public_html/images/). By default, only the links from your webserver are allowed to access the protected directory. You may allow additional URLs access to the images in this directory by typing them in the text area “URL(s) to allow access”, type in the URLs (one per line). Remember that http://domain.tld is different from http://www.domain.tld. To activate image protector with the information you just entered, click “Protect it”.

Please note that Image Protector is just a subset of the Password Protection module. It is designed to simplify this task. If you wish to edit, delete or obtain finer control of your directory protection, please refer to our Password Protection documentation.