How do I use FrontPage to publish my website via FTP?

How do I publish using FTP?
In order to publish via FTP using FrontPage, please following these directions:

  1. In FrontPage, go to the File menu and choose “Publish Site”
  2. In the publish screen, choose “FTP” as the Remote Web server type. Fill in your website for the Remote Web site location so that it appears like this: ftp://servername.  In order to determine your server name, log in to MyCP and click on “View Account Details.”  The server name will be either the “FTP Server” or the “IP”.  Check the box for “Use Passive FTP” (although you can try it without “Use Passive FTP” if it doesn’t work). Then click OK to connect.
  3. You will then be prompted for your FTP username and password. This may be different from the username and password you were using for FrontPage Extensions. To determine what your FTP username is, go to MyCP and click on “View Account Details.”
  4. Once FrontPage is logged on via FTP, you will need to make sure you navigate to the correct directory
  5. Once you have found the correct directory for your website files, press the “Publish Web Site” button.

Microsoft also has instructions on how to publish via FTP using FrontPage or Expression Web in this support article.