The last version of FrontPage came out in 2003, more than 10 years ago.  You probably need to use a more modern web design program for your website.  The good news is that Microsoft has made Expression Web, the direct successor to FrontPage, completely free.  You can download your free version of Expression Web here.  Additionally, this article will provide instructions on how you can import your existing FrontPage site into Expression Web and help explain some of the differences between FrontPage and Expression.

Does Superb’s shared hosting support FrontPage Extensions?

Support for FrontPage Extensions on Superb’s shared web hosting servers has been discontinued as of March 2010, due to Microsoft’s discontinuation of all FrontPage products in 2006.  For more details on this decision and the reasons for it, please see the end of this article.


Can I still use FrontPage for my website?

Yes!  FrontPage will still work as a web design and publishing program without FrontPage Extensions on the server.  However, there are some limitations or changes you need to make without FrontPage Extensions.

One of the most common things FrontPage Extensions is used for is to publish your website to the server.  This is the default method by which FrontPage publishes.  However, this will no longer work without the Extensions.  Instead, you must use the alternative FTP method to publish.  Please read our separate FrontPage FTP article for instructions on doing this:

How do I use FrontPage to publish my website via FTP?

What changes do I need to make to my website due to the discontinuation of FrontPage Extensions?

FrontPage Extensions provided the following functionality:

  1. Website publishing (through FrontPage Extensions)
  2. “Save-time WebBots”, which were functionality that could be added to web pages when authoring that provided auto-generation of content, such as included content and tables of contents.
  3. “Browse-time WebBots”, which were designed to replace common CGI-based features, such as processing form-results and page hit counters and guestbooks.

For website publishing, you can still use Frontpage if you switch to FTP publishing. See the FTP article for publishing instructions using FTP.

If you are using WebBots or other FrontPage scripting functionality, parts of your website will stop working without FrontPage Extensions. Please see the question below for tips on how you can replace this content on your site.

How can I make my site no longer dependent on FrontPage Extensions’ scripting features?

If you make use of FrontPage WebBots or other scripting features, you will need to replace these with more industry standard functions, such as those based on CGI-BIN or PHP (all our servers support CGI-BIN and PHP).

If you have a Contact form that you need to replace, you should consider using one of the contact form solutions that Superb provides.  Please read these articles in our Knowledge Base to learn how to create contact forms with CAPTCHA.

Why have you discontinued support for FrontPage Extensions?

As we continue to update our services to newer systems and faster hardware, occasionally it becomes necessary to discontinue support for technologies which are no longer developed or supported.

Microsoft has discontinued all development and support for FrontPage. The last version of FrontPage Extensions was released in 2002. Microsoft discontinued Frontpage Server Extensions for Unix servers in June 2006. Microsoft also discontinued the Frontpage application in late 2006.  Both of these programs worked together to provide you with the FrontPage experience you are familiar with.

Superb has continued to run the unsupported FrontPage Extensions on our servers since 2006 to try to provide as much support for customers as possible, however, in light of our plans for new systems and hardware, we are officially announcing the end.