Welcome to your Shared Hosting package with Superb. This page has been created to help you get your website online and live to the world. If you have any questions about this document or suggestions on how to make this document more helpful, please email them to Contact Us.

Before Getting Started:

IMPORTANT: There is one final step to complete before your website is ready to host your domain. In order for the world to know where to find your website, you must do one of the following:

  • If you do not have a domain name, please register one from the myCP® portal*.
  • If you have a domain, please transfer the domain to Superb, or
  • Change the DNS record for the domain (more advanced users).

If you need to register a domain name or transfer an existing domain, you will need to login to the myCP® portal. The login information for your myCP® account should have been emailed to you. To update the DNS records for an existing domain, please use the following name servers:


*In myCP® there is a link to Superb Registrar where you can complete this process from within your account. Because some hosting packages include credits for free domain registrations, we recommend registering your domains through the myCP® portal.


Getting Started:

Once you have logged in to the myCP® portal, the first thing we recommend you do is change your password. The same password is used for Email, FTP, and your myCP® Login.

The myCP® panel gives you a variety of options for your account. At the domain level, you can, for example, manage your E-mail accounts, FTP accounts, and web stats, and at the account level, you can manage your billing and account information and make upgrades to your account.

If you need further help or information on your myCP® Control Panel, please refer to Superb’s Support, contact Sales by phone at 888.354.6128 (and press ‘1’) or click here to send an email.


Transferring Your Domains to Superb

You will find links in myCP® to Superb Registrar (click on Manage Domains) where you may transfer your domains to Superb (if you have not registered a domain, please click on Register Domain). A domain is needed for your website to be live to the world.

With some of Superb’s hosting packages, a credit for a free domain registration is included*. To find out if you qualify for a free domain registration or to find out about changing to a package that includes a free domain registration, please contact Sales by phone at 888.354.6128 (and press ‘1’) or click here to send an email.
*One credit credit covers either one new domain registration for one year free OR the transfer of one domain name and a one year extension. The credit applies to all domain names, but the value is limited to the cost of registering a .com domain. Superb Hosting packages can include up to two (2) credits.

More information about Transferring a Domain is available in the Domains section.


Before Your Domain Resolves to Your Website

It takes time for your domain name to be directed to your webspace. Servers around the world need to be told where to find your website and this takes up to 48 hours AFTER you register the domain, initiate the domain transfer, or change the DNS information. The Web Mail link will not work until your domain resolves. It will give you a page not found error. This is normal.


Uploading Files

You can use the myCP® File Manager to upload files for your website, but many people prefer to use FTP (for free FTP software, click on this link). Information for using FTP to upload files was included in your Welcome Email. The Username/Login ID and Password are the same as for myCP®, but you will need to get the hostname from the Welcome Email.

Upload the files to the appropriate /public_html directory. Any CGI scripts (Perl, .cgi, or .pl) need to go in /yourdomain/cgi-bin. PHP scripts run from anywhere under /public_html.

For more help on using FTP, click here.

Final Notes:

Technical Support is done via the ticket system inside myCP®. Simply log in to the myCP® portal, and click on the Support Tickets link on the left-hand side of the main menu in the Support section. For help creating tickets and getting your tickets resolved more quickly, please read Superb’s Ticket Tips.

With your website up and running it’s important to get traffic, and Superb can help with a $25 credit for Google’s AdWords program. Please contact Sales by phone at 888.354.6128 (and press ‘1’) or click here to send an email for more information.

With your Superb Hosting account, you are automatically signed up for a free Superb Affiliate account. Make your website work for you and get paid to host your site with Superb! For more information, please contact Sales by phone at 888.354.6128 (and press ‘1’) or click here to send an email.

Thank you for signing up with Superb Hosting. With our focus on Customer Care, if you have a problem, we have a problem – for more help, contact our Sales Team at 888.354.6128 (and press ‘1’) or click here to send an email to Customer Service.
If a problem is encountered with anything please log into myCP for your account and open a ticket. by clicking on “Support Tickets” in the Support section of the main myCP page.