You’ve decided that you need a Dedicated Server hosting solution. You’ve chosen the hardware configuration and add-ons you need, completed the ordering process, and everything on your end has been taken care of. Now what?

This article provides a checklist of articles that you can follow to get up and running more smoothly. The linked articles and information should be simple enough for those less tech-savy to follow, however, we stress that the dedicated server hosting solutions from are self-managed. While we don’t expect all of our customers to be server administrators, a certain level of knowledge and understanding is necessary to use and maintain a dedicated server. Individuals renting or leasing these servers should be comfortable with (and understand the importance of) regular maintenance, updates and the patching of their system, as well as knowing when they are in over their head. Certain aspects of a dedicated server hosting solution may require a trained professional.

For more information about managed services (for those who need a dedicated server but do not have the expertise to manage it themselves) or the approximate cost of managed services, please contact your Sales Representative, send an E-mail to, or send an E-mail to

Once you’ve submitted your order and arranged payment, you will start to receive a series of e-mails. An order confirmation e-mail will review the details of the order that has been submitted: any errors that are shown on the order confirmation E-mail should be addressed immediately; contact your Sales Representative directly, send an E-mail to, or send an E-mail to

Once the payment for your account has been processed, you will be sent a Welcome E-mail which will include information needed for accessing your server. Please keep this E-mail for future reference. It includes important information about your account.


Design & Development

If your server is to be used for web site hosting, unless specified when your server was ordered you will need to install all of the applications needed for hosting your web site, configure your server as needed and also  design and develop your website (if you haven’t done so already).  For more professional website design and development, please contact If your server is to used for a different function such as a backup server or any other type of server which may not necessarily be related to web site hosting and there were not any specific instructions for installing software when the server was ordered, you will need to install the software necessary for the server to function to suit your needs. When a server is ordered, unless otherwise specified a base installation is done. This means that only the OS is installed.