Our GridIron supports WordPress through the One Click Install process found in your MyCP. If you are on one of our legacy plans, then you will need to follow the instructions below.

Pre-requisites For Using WordPress with SuperbHosting

  1. You must have an active and registered Domain Name. If you don’t have a domain name, visit Superb Registrar to register one.
  2. You must already have an active SuperbHosting Shared Web Hosting account.
    NOTE: WordPress will not work if you have a Dedicated Server. For this, please visit WordPress, download, and follow the onscreen instructions. It has to be one of the following plans:
    • Starter
    • Blog Plan
    • Univeral
    • Infinity
    • Small Business Plan.
  3. Make sure your DNS is either managed by Superb or has a CNAME RECORD and it points to this Domain:
NOTE: If you manage your own DNS, this is outside the scope of this article

To activate WordPress follow the following steps

  1. Log into myCP
  2. Click on WordPress Manager
  3. Select the Domain Name you wish to Install WordPress on
  4. Click “install blog”
NOTE: It could take up to 24hrs for DNS to propagate with the changes

Using WordPress with SuperbHosting

Once WordPress has been installed, you will receive an email with more instructions and a password reminder. The software is always setup at and is not accessable from your PUBLIC_HTML folder.

SuperbHosting offers two different types of Blogging software, and if you currently have one installed, it will be OVERRIDDEN when you setup the other

To access the admin area of WordPress click on the Login link from the WordPress Blog Manager or by visiting

You may be prompted for a Username and Password – This is different from your myCP login.

  • Username:admin
  • Password:-the one you choose during setup

Once you have logged in, feel free to go though the various menu items to familiarize yourself with what is possible

You may want to change your current theme or activate a plug-in. This can be done from the presentation tab

If you require a different theme or plug-in not listed within WordPress, feel free to submit a Ticket in myCP and a support rep will be more then happy to facilitate that request

More information about using WordPress can be found here:

More information about blogging can be found here

Happy Blogging