FormMail with Captcha is available for all our Shared Hosting plans. To setup FormMail with Captcha visit MyCP -> FormMail with Captcha, click on “Add a New Form” and follow these steps.

Step 1: Form Type

Define your Form parameters here.

I am using my own mail processing script which is located at this URL:
If you are using your own mail processing script enter the URL here. It is important that this script be well hidden from public view. Please read the instructions listed with this field if you are using your own script.

(The URL of our own mail processing script is the default value here. If you wish to use our scripts leave this setting with the default URL)

I want to use your form and send the submission data to this e-mail address:
Enter the email address you wish to have the form results sent to. You can specify multiple email addresses separated by a comma (,).

Step 2: CAPTCHA Image Settings


Here you can adjust the security settings for CAPTCHA.

I want to use:
Specify the number of characters the CAPTCHA image will display by choosing a number from the pull down menu. The default value is 5.

I want to Add background noise to the image: Check this box if you would like to add additional background noise to the CAPTCHA image. Default setting is checked (recommended).


Step Three: Redirect URL


Here you can provide a URL where the user will be redirected to after submitting the form and also create a name for your form.

Upon successful submission, I would like to redirect my visitors to this URL: Provide the desired redirect URL. The default value is your default landing page (i.e.

Please also give your form a name:  Here you can name your form

Step 4: HTML Codes for your form

Here you will be provided with the automatically generated HTML code.  You can copy and paste the code into one of your web pages. This is a very basic form and you may wish to modify it to suit your need.

Please do not modify the area marked between and

Editing the Form Settings


From this page you can now go back to the Form List or Edit the Form Settings.


You can edit your form settings by clicking on the “Edit the Form Settings” link from step 4. You can also edit your form settings by clicking on the name of your form from the Existing Forms section on the main FormMail with CAPTCHA page.

The settings listed here are the same as the initial setup listed above. In addition, there is a “BCC Address:“  field where you can enter an email address which will be marked as hidden. You can also delete the entire form from this page by checking the “Confirm Delete:” checkbox and pressing the “Delete this FormMail” button.

How the system works

1. Your visitor fills your form and clicks on the submit button.

2. Our script will validate the image code, if the code is wrong, we will ask them to go back to your form and try again.
  If it’s valid, we will send those data to your script.

3. After those data are sent to your script, we will redirect the visitor to the return URL you provided here.