The long awaited migration of SH-B clients to the Grid Iron Platform (GIP) will begin shortly. Starting with about 30 clients, the migration will then expand to include the majority of SH-B clients over the coming weeks. Table 1 below shows the migration plan mapping of old SH-B plans to the new GIP plans. There are some important differences between the old and new plans that clients will need to know about. The major differences are outlined in Table 2.


Summary of major benefits of migrating to GIP:

  • Much more stable and reliable platform
  • Huge performance improvements
  • Much more scalability and redundancy
  • Unlimited (unmetered) monthly traffic allowance
  • More POP3/IMAP accounts
  • More and larger sized MySQL databases and space
  • Multiple one-click install applications, such as:
    • PHPBB
    • Joomla!
    • Drupal
    • WordPress
    • Zen Cart


Migration Path:

Customers will be migrated according to the following table.

Table 1

SH Platform Migration Path
Blog Plan (Unix) GridLITE
Starter Plan GridLITE
Universal Plan (Unix) GridPRO
Infinity Plan (Unix) GridMAX
Small Business Plan GridMAX


Detailed feature list comparison

The following table lists the major feature differences for the majority of the plans to be migrated. Across the board customer will be getting more bandwidth, disk space, e-mail accounts, and databases. This should be an easy up sell, especially when combined with fact they are moving to an advanced, scalable and redundant platform.


Table 2

Blog Plan GridLITE Universal
GridPRO Infinity Plan GridMAX
Core Features
Monthly Traffic 20 GB Unlimited 750 GB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Disk Space 500 MB 20 GB 50 GB 200 GB 200 GB Unlimited
File Manager x x x x x
Full FTP x x x x x


Secondary FTP   $ 20 Free $

50 free

Daily Back-up x x x x x x

Dedicated IP

x x x x x x
Domains Allowed 1 11 11 50 26 Unlimited
24×365 Live Support x x x x x x
30 Day Guarantee x x x x x x
3rd Party Software
Web Statistics x x x x x x
Google Sitemaps x x x x x x
E-mail Features
POP3/IMAP Mailboxes 5 1000 (10 GB)  2500 (10 GB) 2000 (20 GB) 3500 (20 GB) 4000 (40 GB)
x x x x x x
Email Forwarding x x x x x x

Mailing List

x x x x x x
Dsitribution List x x x x x
Auto Reply x x x x x x
Data Center & Network
100% network uptime
x x x x x
100% server uptime
x x x
Language Support
PHP 5 x x x x x x
MySQL 5 Database 20 MB 5×100 MB 100 MB 25×250 MB 300 MB Unlimited x 250 MB
Perl 5 x x x x x
Python x x x x x
One-Click Install Applications
Joomla! x x x
phpBB x x x
Drupal x x x
WordPress x x x x x
Zen Cart x x x x x
Website Promotion
Google Search
Marketing $25 Credit
x x x x x
Yahoo Sponsored
Search $25 Credit
x x x x x x
Ratepoint One Year
Membership ($149.95
x x x x x x
Program Access
x x x x x
Miva Advertising Credit x x x x x