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Whether you choose GridLITE, GridPRO, or GridMAX for your web hosting environment, our innovative GridIron® Plaform gives you the ultimate in flexibility, while ensuring that your resources can’t be squeezed by other companies sharing your servers who encounter unforeseen mass media coverage or run demanding media-rich content 24/7. Here’s the heart of the shared hosting dilemma: The technical reality is that servers have a finite capacity in terms of storage, traffic, CPU, and memory. But your business reality is that you can’t afford sluggish loading times or timed-out database queries.


Before the only solution was getting your own dedicated server. But now, thanks to the truly innovative design of the GridIron platform, two years in development, you can have the security and performance and flexibility you want, without the complications of managing a highly customized server environment—and at a very competitive price. This opens a whole new world of web hosting options!


Now you can use powerful databases, custom CGIs and DLLs, and more, without having to worry about server administration, patches and updates, firewalls and security. Just ask for the configurations you need, and 99% of the time we can make it happen for you. You’ll even have your own dedicated Account Manager available 24×7 to provide help when you need it.


Our GridIron® Platform took two years to develop and we designed it with full redundancy at every level with no single point of failure. We’re so confident in our design that we offer one of the best Service Level Agreements (SLA) in the industry — 99.99% of uptime, GUARANTEED. Compare our guarantee with our competitors:

  • Superb’s GridIron®: 100%
  • GoDaddy: 99.9%
  • HostGator: 99.9%

No other shared hosting service offers this level of parallel redundancy. From day one, the system architecture was designed with security in mind: full load balancing and failover, plus cross-connections at every single layer. From database servers to network and applications, using LDAP (Local Directory Access Protocol), our developers established a system with absolutely no single point of failure, anywhere, from our edge networks to the components of each individual server. So actually there could be multiple failures at every level and the platform would still be up and running. Many failures are detected automatically, and backup systems will take over in seconds. Everything else is monitored 24/7 by highly trained technicians with the know-how and experience to solve problems fast.


We’ve also designed GridIron to be easy to work with…as easy, in fact, as working with a traditional single-server solution. And it’s designed with the growth of your business in mind—a fully expandable, scalable architecture. We’re adding one-click applications as the platform grows, so you’ll eventually have a huge array of popular packages to choose from. The equipment components of GridIron are the best quality available, to provide you with optimal performance, always.


Don’t forget that this is the new era of virtual hosting: our extensively tested GridIron platform, combined with Superb’s award-winning 24x7x365 support, state-of-the-art fully redundant company-owned data centers and IP backbone, the lowest latency network in the industry, and our never-ending commitment to customer satisfaction: The Superb Standard™. Call now so that we can custom-design a shared hosting solution that meets your needs … and your budget.