Although PHP executes as FastCGI on GridIron, we have implemented “htscanner” so that you can continue to use PHP custom configuration directives inside .htaccess files.  You do not need to use custom php.ini files.


The PHP documentation contains information on changing configuration options.  Here is a list of php.ini directives, and their default values.


In order to change these configuration options, you put “php_flag” and/or “php_value” statements inside a plain-text file called “.htaccess”  The .htaccess file will affect all PHP files inside the same directory as the .htaccess file, as well as all subdirectories below the .htaccess file.


Use “php_flag” for Boolean (“1” or “0”) options.  All other options use “php_value”.  This page gives instructions on the proper usage of php_flag and php_value.


Do not use <IfModule mod_php.c> statements in your .htaccess file, since PHP is not run as an Apache module on GridIron.