Hackers are everywhere, and they’re trying to get onto anything they can and into every system they can, either for profit, challenge or just a plain ego.  Anything that is connected to the internet is a valid target for them be it a phone, a computer, a server or even slightly more exotic devices like Internet capable fridges!  Nothing is safe or considered sacred.


The OS Hardening solution that Superb offers is part of a series of security related products we offer.  Utilizing a combination of our long experience of Systems Administration, industry standard safe practices and professional security software we do our best to help ensure your server is as safe as possible taking a two pronged approach.  First we will work to lock down software running on your server as best as possible, advising on patching needs to try to reduce the number of ways a hacker might gain access to your machine.  The second is where we attempt to lock down the overall system as best as possible without disrupting it’s smooth running trying to help minimize the amount of damage the hacker might achieve should they gain acccess.


No system is perfect, with vulnerabilities found every day we do strongly reccomend you keep your systems patched up to date, and rregular back ups, just in case.  Generally  the best thing to do when a server has been compromised is re-install the OS and restore from backup.


Should you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of having had your server hacked, please give us a call at the soonest convenience and we’ll be more than happy to offer the best advice or services wee can.