Industry-leading VoIP providers

Superb Internet has partnered with industry-leading VoIP providers to offer platform-compatible hosting solutions. You can now get into the VoIP business with low initial investment and minimal up-front costs-there’s no reason you can’t get started today!

VoipSwitch is an international leader in applications development focused on developing high-quality, scalable, and cost-efficient VoIP softswitch platform solutions for global telecommunications service providers. The company utilizes proprietary solutions to enable operators to deliver secure, reliable VoIP-based services which are fully interoperable with other established VoIP standards and systems.To date, VoipSwitch has successfully implemented over 14,000 of its systems around the world and earned Unified Communications magazine’s Product of the Year Award in 2008 and NGN’s (Next Generation Networks) first Annual Leadership Award in 2009.

How the VoipSwitch Platform Works

The VoipSwitch platform puts innovation at your fingertips-all key elements necessary for successful VoIP implementations are included in VoipSwitch’s infrastructure solutions, including Class 4 and 5 capabilities as well as session border controllers. This integrated softswitch and billing solution makes the platform exceptionally easy to implement and manage.

The system is multilayered, with the core which is the session border manager (softswitch) integrated with own, built-in, billing system. The core is responsible for switching traffic, accepting incoming connections in different protocols, authorization, billing, reconciliation of different protocols or dialects and proxying packets.

The higher layers consist of applications that extend the core of additional functionality, with Callback, Calling cards, Call shop engine, Resellers module and other features.

VoipSwitch Included Features

  • Class 5 Softswitch
  • Integrated Billing
  • Branded Vippie PC Dialer
  • VoIP Tunnel
  • Comprehensive Web-portal interface for Administrator (VSC3 Standard)
  • Comprehensive Web-portal interface for end-user (VSPortal)
  • IP IVR for Voicemail
  • SMS support

Additional Modules

  • Calling card platform with IP IVR including PIN or PINless scenarios
  • Callback solution supports all types of triggering methods: SMS, missed-call, web callback
  • Web Call shop interface
  • Web self-care portal for end users and support for online payments
  • Mobile SIP for Symbian, Windows Mobile, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry users
  • Windows communicator with instant messaging, SMS, voicemail and many other modules
  • Multi-tenant, multi-user IP-PBX platform for offering hosted services
  • Instant messenger functionality, XMPP protocol support, presence, chat, file transfer
  • Unified messaging, voicemail/SMS forwarding to SMS or email, voicemail transcriptions