A typical approach to monitoring involves an external monitoring server attempting to connect to your server, either through simple pings, or checking to see whether services like the web server are working.  Whilst there is definite value in that, just monitoring a port doesn’t resolve the problem, it will only ever let you know there is a problem.  Not only that, the information you get won’t help you to resolve the cause of the problem either.


With our Proactive monitoring platform there are two components, the monitoring server and the agent.   The monitoring server carries out the same style of checks as a basic solution, but it also queries the agent which will run on your server.  That agent is able to report back on almost any detail of your server, from basic details like how much free memory you have, through to CPU usage, disk space and beyond.  It provides you with the ability to monitor almost anything you might want to know.  All of the monitored details can be graphed and explored through an intuitive web interface too.


It’s so much more than even that .  We can work with you to define events to occur under certain circumstances, allowing the monitoring server to Proactively fix problems when they occur.  For example if the monitoring server notices that your server is no longer serving web pages it can cause Apache, IIS or whatever you’re using to be restarted without any need for human intervention helping keep any down time as low as possible.