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How do I exclude my IP address from stats?
1.88 4175
How do I fix a corrupted history file so I can update stats?
2.43 3467
How often do the web stats update with new information?
2.33 3383
Why are my web statistics missing for some days and not others?
2.00 3360
What can be done about the error "Operation error: Sorry, no log data available at this date range?"
2.00 3150
What does the error "No -username- on this server or the account has been disabled" mean?
2.38 3124
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Why do I get a "Forbidden or 403 error when tryiing to access my site?"
2.75 5210
How do I enable PHP error display in a browser?
1.75 4064
Why do I get a "Directory Listing Denied" error when trying to view my site?
2.13 3902
Why am I seeing another site when trying to view mine?
2.14 3835
Why is search engine traffic redirecting to an Antivirus site?
2.67 3769
Why is the "Coming Soon - Another Domain Hosted by SuperbHosting.net" page loading instead of my index page?
1.86 3576
General Information
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How can I set up a Wordpress Blog?
1.78 7929
How do I setup FormMail with CAPTCHA?
2.90 7863
How do I password protect my site?
2.29 7456
Does Superb's shared hosting support FrontPage Extensions?
3.17 5555
Can allow_url_fopen be enabled?
2.07 4661
Does Superb's shared hosting support PHP register_globals?
2.83 4488
How do I use FrontPage to publish my website via FTP?
2.25 4466
How do I use Form Creator?
2.70 4179
How do I change permissions on my files?
1.86 3778
How do I use mod_rewrite (Unix)?
2.20 3457
How do I use Image Protector?
2.44 3280
What is CAPTCHA?
1.86 3080
How do I determine my PHP Version?
2.75 2795
Adding a Sub-Domain
1.00 2263