Databases can be imported using the PHPMyAdmin feature in MyCP. To manage your databases with phpMyAdmin, log into myCP, click on MySQL Database at the top left, then click the phpMyAdmin link on the upper right hand side.


Sometimes databases are too big to import using the PHPMyAdmin interface in MyCP. The import will timeout or fail due to php memory limits on the server. In those cases the database must be imported manually.

For GIP Plans that have SSH access like GridPro and GridMax the database can be imported using the mysql command line utility, Here are the steps to import the database manually via SSH.

  1. FTP the database dump file to your hosting account (note the location)
  2. SSH to the hosting account using the following information
    • ssh host:
    • ssh user: same as your FTP user
    • ssh password: same as your FTP password
  3. Once logged in run the following command (replace username, databasename and path/to/dumpfile.sql accordingly)
    mysql -u username -p -h databasename < path/to/dumpfile.sql

For GIP plans without SSH access (GridLite) please open a ticket from your MyCP and we will be glad to assist. Please make sure the following information is listed in the ticket:

  • Database name
  • Database user
  • Database user password
  • Location of sql or dump file (FTP the dump file to your hosting space)