In most cases you will only need to reset the console proxy password. Just use the Console Settings link in the VPS Control Panel.


If after changing the password you still cannot access the console proxy, please open a Support Ticket through the myCP® interface.

In recent months, with the updates to Java, there is a disconnect between the version of Java that will work for the VNC Console and what is the most recent version of Java.  Our vendor is working to fix this disconnect and allow updated version of Java to work with the Console feature. You may also need to add in to your client system, an exemption for Java in order to access the console.

To do this in Windows:
1 Go to your control panel (may need to view all items)

2 Click on Java (32-bit)

3 Under the security tab, at the bottom you will find “Exemption Site List”

4. You will need to add in one of the following based on which datacenter your VPS is located: (for Seattle Datacenter) (for our Virginia Datacenter)

5 click OK to add the exemptions and this should allow your system to utilize the java console.