The “Back End Network” (BEN) is a secure, free network platform built around the non-routable IP space in RFC1918 (
It provides a private connection space between dedicated servers to communicate/share network traffic.

Please note that the BEN is not enabled automatically.  If you would like to have the BEN service enabled, please submit a request to do so via myCP® by clicking the “Enable Backend Network” Link.


Also note that in order to activate the BEN service your server needs to have a second FastEthernet or GigabitEthernet port.  Most servers do, but some older models do not.  If your server is one of the models that does not have a second NIC, no worries!  If possible, we will install a second NIC for you at no charge upon request.  Just note that this will require your server being shut down while the second NIC is installed.  If this is needed, we will let you know and schedule downtime with you to perform the upgrade.