What is the Back End Network?


The “Back End Network” (BEN) is a secure, free network platform built around the
non-routable IP space in RFC1918 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Private_network). It will provide a private
connection space between dedicated servers to communicate/share network traffic. Read
on for a more detailed explanation of the features and benefits of this new service.
What services are hosted on the BEN?


* DNS resolvers
* FTP / network backup
* NTP service
* Operating System Updates:
* Yum repositories for Red Hat Linux based systems
* Apt mirrors for Debian Linux based systems
* Windows service packs/hotfixes
* Critical security updates
* Uptime & service monitoring
What are the benefits of using the BEN?


* Unmetered 100Mbps bandwidth – any traffic exchanged over the BEN is completely free and does not count toward your monthly traffic quota — use as much as you need!
* Security – with your own private VLAN no one will be able to intercept/sniff your private traffic. This can help e-commerce sites or entities that exchange sensitive data in keeping such communication completely separate from other clients.
* Extremely low latency (less than ONE millisecond or 1/1000 of a second) providing lightning fast, ironclad communication between servers. This might include database queries, financial transactions, or filesharing.
* No need for cumbersome private switches; leverage our enterprise network design to save time, money, and stress.
* 100 percent guaranteed uptime
* Peace of mind knowing your private data is 100 percent secure on our state-of-the-art local network.