To purchase or renew an SSL certificate, you can place and order by following these steps:


* From the main page of MyCP, click “Order Upgrades/Add-ons” under the Plan Admin section..

* On the Add-Ons order form page, scroll all the way to the bottom to view the various SSL certificate options. Select an appropriate certificate by highlighting the radio button and click “Next”.

* You will now need to enter some information about your domain to be encoded in the certificate. The most important is the “SSL Domain” field which must match exactly the hostname of the site.

* At the bottom, you will need to paste in a 2048-bit CSR.  (If you are one of our Shared Hosting platforms, we will generate the CSR for you)

* Click “Complete Order” to finalize the process.


From here, the order will appear in our setup queue, and we will submit the order for approval to the Certificate Authority (CA).  You will receive a validation email to verify ownership of the SSL domain to the registered domain contact email address, usually, and once approved, the signed certifcate will be delivered and ready for installation.


If you have any questions about this process or need help, please open a support ticket via MyCP and our technical support staff will be happy to assist.