On the left section of your MyCP you will find the “BILLING” menu item. Click on the “Billing Information” link.

Here you can enter in new credit card information.

Each change in information will produce a small authorization (1) on the credit card to confirm the data; there will be no charge posted and the authorization will expire in seven days or less. If the resulting authorization does not match address and CVV2, the information will not be updated. If you are unable to update this, call or open a ticket and Billing will be able to update your information manually.

Save an extra 1.00% on your recurring bill by switching to ACH. Complete this ACH information form, attach a void check to and send to us through either one of these two options:

1) Fax: (808)441-0952

2) Mail: 711 Kapiolani Blvd. #975 Honolulu, HI 96813-5294

Your Credit Card on file will remain being charged until our billing team receives and validates your completed form. If you would like to update your ACH information with us, please complete and re-submit the ACH information form along with another attached void check.