RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks. It is essentially your first, automatic level of back-up and you will likely be kicking yourself later if you decide against a RAID, specifically a mirror. RAID is a method of backup in which a great number of hard drives could be connected to form a single, massive, capacity storage device. In this way RAID options offer the most storage capactiy, the best performance, and the most dependability.

There are three key concepts in RAID:

  • Mirroring, which refers to the copying of data to more than one disk
  • Striping, which refers to the splitting of data across more than one disk
  • Error correction, in which redundant data is stored so that problems can be detected and possibly fixed (sometimes called fault tolerance)

Different RAID levels use the techniques above or employ variations of them, depending on what the system requires. The main purposes of using RAID are to obtain better reliability and to protect information that is crucial to a business (like a database of customer orders), or any situation, circumstance or scenario in which speed plays an important role. For example, a business that delivers video on demand television programs to many viewers would require a RAID to deliver their service at a high speed.  To learn more about RAID, we recommend you read the Wikipedia article on RAID.

We offer the following RAID controllers:

  • RAID 0 – $25/m
  • RAID 1 – $25/m
  • RAID 5 – $50/m
  • RAID 10 – $50/m


  1. We only offer 1TB+ hard drives (unless SSD) as the second drive so unless 1st drive is upgraded (in the case of servers with either 250GB or 500GB hard drives installed), adding a second larger drive will revert the RAID configuration to the size of the 1st drive.
  2. Clearance servers only have the option of RAID 0 and RAID 1.

When using RAID controllers, you must ensure you order appropriate (and the appropriate amount of) hard drives.  For more information, we recommend you contact one of our friendly Sales Representatives using the live chat feature located on the website. You may also reach them at as well as 1.888.354.6128.x1.