A Control panel refers to the interactive interface issued or supplied by the hosting company for the upkeep, monitoring and overall management of the hosted website by the user.

These are some commonly available modules in control panels:

  • You are able to view visitor statistics using web log analysis software
  • You can view the details of how much available webspace or bandwidth you have
  • You have access to Email accounts
  • You have access to a web based file manager in which you can actively interact and work with various files
  • You have the ability to manage your database
  • You have the ability to maintain and manage FTP user accounts
  • You have access to server logs

At Superb, offer a variety of control panel options:

  • You can opt to have no Control panel
  • Parallels Plesk – 30 Domain License
  • Parallels Plesk – 100 Domain License
  • Parallels Plesk – 300 Domain License
  • Parallels Plesk – Unlimited Domain License
  • cPanel/WHM

The control panel that you select will determine the number of domains that you may host on your server. You can check out the Parallels Plesk website or research the Wikipedia articles on domain names and control panels.