Network Backup is the term for a system which preserves and holds copies of your computer data files in case a disaster strikes (i.e. system failure, theft, etc). Network backup is a system in which the data that has been backed up, travels through the network in order to reach the backup software. We offer various levels of network backup depending on your specific needs:

  • 30GB Network/FTP Backup
  • 60GB Network/FTP Backup
  • 120GB Network/FTP Backup
  • 240GB Network/FTP Backup

These options indicate simply the amount of space you will have available for backup.  

R1Soft Managed Backup is highly recommended to ensure your data is always protected. Powered by R1Soft’s Continuous Data Protection technology, your backups are automatically completed every day. In addition, bare-metal recovery is included in the event your server experiences a catastrophic failure. Bare-metal recovery allows quick restores to be completed to minimize downtime experienced. R1Soft Managed Backup is fully managed by our award winning Professional Services Division. In addition, a control panel is provided so you can remotely manage your backup solution if you choose.

  • R1Soft Managed Backup – 100GB
  • Additional Managed Backup Space – 300GB/1000GB/2000GB
  • Addon – R1Soft MySQL
  • Addon – R1Soft Archive

A couple of addons are available with the R1Soft Managed Backup solution: MySQL and Archive. The MySQL addon allows you to perform continuous backups of MySQL tables as well as allowing you to specify the frequency of when backups are conducted. The Archive addon allows you to save existing snapshots of your backed-up data into another format so you can save it at another location. Having access to these files allows you to be able to restore your data longer than the standard retention period.

R1Soft Managed Dedicated Backup Server is recommended if you need a lot of storage space to be backed up or if you have multiple servers you want backed up on a centralized backup server. Since you will be the only one using your dedicated backup server, you will have the option to customize the backup settings such as the frequency when backups are conducted and the length of retention of each backup. This dedicated backup server is fully managed by the Professional Services Division which means we will handle the installation and management of the system to ensure your data is protected. In addition, you will have access to the R1Soft control panel for remote management.