The following are some of the most popular options that are available for our web hosting account holders:

Available for Fully Virtual, Pro, Commerce, Ultra, and Custom Pro Shared Plans Only

  • Virtual Pointers (Unix & Windows) – A virtual pointer is a web device which enables a sub-domain under the main domain. For example, if your main domain is “,” you can use a virtual pointer in order to create a sub-domain—for example, ”” When visitors type in and go to “,” it will express no indication of an attachment or affiliation with “” except for a shared IP address.

  • Java Servlets (Unix plans only) – Java Servlets support Java programs which run as a part of a network service, typically an http server, and responds to requests from clients. Java Servlets are also used for a programming language designed to develop applications, especially applications for the Internet that can operate on different platforms.
  • Parked Domain (Unix & Windows) – A parked domain is a domain that doesn’t contain any content and redirects the public to another domain.
  • Additional FTP Access (Windows & Unix) – FTP allows you to be able to transfer files between computers via the Internet. Additional FTP Access gives you a second account for accessing your website files. FTP is most commonly used to transfer web page files from an individual’s computer to the web server that is hosting the website. You can also use FTP to download files from a website to your own computer.

Available for Universal and Infinity Shared Hosting Plans Only

  • Reseller FTP – Additional FTP access provides a unique login and password for a domain for which you have access only to the directory and not the whole account.

Available for Any Managed Hosting Plan: Superb Internet Lease-To-Own Program

We offer one of industry’s best Lease-to-Own (LTO) programs for your dedicated server hosting plan. Lease-to-Own is available on any dedicated server plan you purchase with Superb. Add Lease-to-Own to your managed server plan and start working your way to owning that hardware in as little as 12 months. After 12 months on the program, you own your server hardware, no questions asked and your monthly colocation starts at just $99 per month in any of our datacenters. 


5-in-1 Managed Services Bundle

Get a significant discount on our managed services by ordering our 5-in-1 Managed Services Bundle. This package includes the following managed services, which may also be ordered a la carte:

Managed Backup

We protect your data with our Managed Backup service for your Linux or Windows servers. Our Managed Backup solution is powered by R1Soft’s Continuous Data Protection (CDP technology, which means the latest version of your data is always protected. With Managed Backup you will never fear crashes again.

Managed Firewall

Your data is always protected from service interruptions because security is one of our core focuses when hosting your servers. Our managed firewall solution ensures your infrastructure is guarded against intentional and hostile intrusions. Protecting your data is a high priority, and protecting the integrity of your network is critical in maintaining a secure environment.

OS Hardening

Our OS Hardening service addresses security weaknesses in operating systems by deactivating unnecessary programs, implementing the latest OS patches, and following newly released procedures and strategies to reduce malicious attacks and system downtime. OS Hardening minimizes your server’s exposure to current and future threats by configuring the operating system to be as secure as possible.

Patches & Updates

Our Patching and Updates managed service eliminates the hassles of keeping your server up-to-date by checking for the latest available OS security patches and deploying them as appropriate to protect your server against exploits, viruses, worms and trojans.

Proactive Monitoring

Our Proactive Monitoring is an enterprise-class monitoring solution for your server that includes continual monitoring of specified ports on your behalf. In the event a service disruption is detected, you will receive a notification regarding the failure. Our Proactive Monitoring solution will automatically attempt to restart the affected service on your server, thereby reducing any invonvenience caused by program crashes.