Some GridIron hosting plans allow you to create Secondary FTP Users with a separate username and password from your main username.  If this option is available on your GridIron hosting account, secondary FTP Users are assigned to a specific domain name on your account and only have access to the files inside that domain name’s directory.  This feature is useful if, for example, you have a webmaster for one website on your account, but you don’t want that webmaster to be able to access files for other websites on your account.


To create a new Secondary FTP User, login to myCP and click on the “GIP Account Management” section.  You can only assign the domain for a secondary user at creation time.  You can also change existing user passwords here, and delete users.  Please note that deleting Secondary FTP Users does not delete or change any of the files for the domain.  It simply deletes the secondary username and password assignment.


A Secondary FTP User can only be assigned to one domain.  You can, however, assign multiple Secondary FTP Users to the same domain.  Secondary FTP Users only have file access via FTP.  You can learn more about how to transfer files securely via FTP in this article.