In order to install Zen Cart you will need a few requirements.  You’ll need a domain name that has been added to your hosting plan’s domain manager and a database.


From your myCP control panel, first create a database.

  1. Select MySQL Database
  2. Select “Create Database”
  3. Select a database name and password.  Keep records of these as you should with any sensitive login and password credentials.
  4. Select “create”

From your myCP main menu, select “One Click Install” then the “Configure Zen Cart” button.  Select a username and an email address for notices and alerts related to the zen-cart installation to be sent to.  Select a password and keep record of it, you will need it to administer your Zen Cart.  From the URL dropdown select one of your domains that has been added to your Domain Manager already (otherwise add the desired domain and return to this page afterwards).  Select where in the address of the domain you would like the shopping cart software to be served.  Finally, select the database you created for the installation and select “Install”


The installation may take a short amount of time for processing.  Once your zen-cart has been installed you can administer it at http://yourdomain/admin if you installed it directly to your domain, or http://yourdomain/store/admin, for example, if you installed it to the store subdomain.