If Superb is the DNS provider associated with the domain needing the DNS record change(s) and you are the registered owner of the domain, you can find these tools in myCP under the Manage Domains link on the right in the “Domains” section. From there the relevant options and information may be found either by clicking on the link for the domain whois records you wish to modify, or under the Settings link in the “Control” section on the bottom left of the page. If you encounter any difficulty, cannot find an option, or have questions regarding these types of records please log into myCP and open a support ticket.


Shared hosting customers who use the ns1.- through ns5.superb.net name servers who wish to add or modify these types of records must do in one of two ways: standard Shared Hosting customers will need to submit a support ticket, while Custom Shared Hosting customers will need to place an order via the Order Account Add-Ons link at the top right of their myCP page. Please keep in mind that any support tickets opened which require actual work or changes to be performed may or may not incur a support credit charge.