The most common cause of high latency and packet loss events on our network is a saturated access port.  For example if your server is connected to a 100Mbps access port (standard port speed) and the entirety of your bandwidth is utilized (approximately 12.5MB/sec) you will experience degraded network connectivity.  With a 100Mbps access port only 100 million bits can be transmitted per second.  If the rate of traffic exceeds this limit additional bits will be “queued” for the next available transmission frame.  This “queueing” event delays the transmission of data and is manifested in high latency (such as high ping times from your server).  If the rate of traffic grows even larger the “queueing” buffer can become overloaded and data will be dropped completely, resulting in packet loss.

The easiest solution to this trouble is to upgrade your access port speed.  A 1000Mbps access port will allow for 10 times the amount of traffic before degrading events such as high latency or packet loss can occur.  You can order a 1000Mbps access port upgrade by visiting your myCP control panel and clicking on “Order Account Add-Ons.”  From here place an order for the service “1000 Mb/s Uplink Port Upgrade”.

You can monitor your bandwidth usage by visiting your myCP control panel and clicking on “Traffic Charts / Warning System”