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How do I install or update the license key for Plesk control panel? PDF Print E-mail
Once your server and Plesk setup has been completed you will be given your Plesk license key as a ZIP file either attached to a support ticket or attached to an email. The following are instructions for installing the Plesk license key once received.

To install a license key through the Parallels Plesk Panel interface:

  1. From the homepage click “License Management”. If you wish to upload a key for an additional Parallels Plesk Panel feature, select the Additional License Keys tab.
  2. Click the “Upload Key” icon.
  3. Specify the location of the license key by entering the path into the text box provided, or click “Browse” to browse for the location.
  4. Select the “Replace the currently installed license key with the selected one” check box if you are overwriting an existing key.

    If this check box is not selected, the new license key will not be installed and installation will be aborted.
    If your new license key allows hosting fewer sites than you already host on the server, Parallels Plesk Panel will stop working. However, to prevent the Parallels Plesk Panel from comparing the amount of the resources used and those covered by the new key, select the Do not check the limits on resource usage defined by the key check-box.

    This might be helpful if you want to temporarily install a license key that covers less resources and then upgrade it through the Parallels Plesk Panel interface.
  5. Click “OK” to submit. Parallels Plesk Panel will upload the given license key file to your Parallels Plesk Panel.

Installing License Keys Through the Command Line (Linux only)

Once you have the new license key stored on your local machine, you can install it from the command line.

To install a new license key from the command line:

  1. Copy the license key from your local machine to the Parallels Plesk Panel host:

    scp license_key_file_name.sh root@your_plesk_server_name:~/
  2. Connect to your Parallels Plesk Panel host over SSH:

    ssh root@your_plesk_host_name
  3. To install the license key, run the following command:

    sh license_key_file_name.sh

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