401 / “bad login” – Difficulty with Authentication

If you are receiving this error: {“error”:{“base”:”Invalid login or password.”}}

Then you are succesfully accessing the API’s domain (https://mycp.superb.net/flexapi/) but there is an issue with your authentication. Make sure you are using the correct AccountID, and the correct API key. It may be possible that they are using an old api_key (e.g. someone regenerated it and voided the old one). If you think this is the case, you can regenerate your key ensuring that the new key is the only valid key.



404 / “resource not found” – Spelling error in URI or resource doesn’t exist

If you are receiving this error: {“errors”:”Resource Not Found”}, you could be trying to access something that has been deleted or you don’t have access to.

Possible Causes:

  • You have two seperate Flex Cloud accounts and are using the wrong credentials.
  • The syntax of the request in the wrong order e.g. flexapi/781/virtual_machines instead of flexapi/virtual_machines/781
  • Mind the S’s, it may be a spelling error,  a simple spelling mistake such as virtual_machine instead of virtual_machines is a likely candidate.
  • Trying to access a VM or Disk that has been deleted

405 – “HTTP method not allowed for the requested resource. Use one of these instead: GET, HEAD, POST”

If you are receiving this error: “HTTP method not allowed for the requested resource. Use one of these instead: GET, HEAD, POST.” This is result of the correct path, but the wrong method, i.e. using put instead of post. Look at “use one of these instead” to see which methods are allowed.

422 – Unprocessable Entity

This error is usually accompanied by a more detailed response such as: {“error”:”Required parameter primary_disk_type not specified”} or

{“errors”:{“base”:[“The virtual server has to be built before performing actions on it”]}}

So fixing the error returned should resolve the issue. 

  • This can happen when trying to perform an action on a resource that is in the wrong state. A server that is already stopped cannot be stopped again. So check the state of the server, disk, etc.
  • Other issues with the build/startup of servers may arise. Sometimes the classic “shutdown” and “start-up” may resolve the issue.
  • IP Address can’t be used *See below*
  • If there is an unresolved issue with VM creation or building, you can check the logs to find more specific details into the issue.

“IP Address can’t be used, because you have reached your IP address limit”

This can occur when trying to assign additional IP’s to an existing server, or while attempting to add/build additional servers.See how to order more here: https://confluence.dev.superb.net/display/AD/Getting+Started+with+Superb+Flex+Cloud#GettingStartedwithSuperbFlexCloud-OrderingIPAddresses

500 – Server error

In the unfortunate event of a 500 error, there may be a problem with your request, review your request for any obvious errors, and re-attempt after several mintues. If the issue is still not resolved, please create a support ticket.

Checking your Activity Logs

All actions completed or scheduled should appear in your activity logs. If there are any issues while executing commands the activity logs may contain the reason. See more here: https://confluence.dev.superb.net/display/AD/Viewing+Activity+Logs