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Reseller Program
Do I Need to Have a Server or Sign a Contract with SuperbHosting.net to be a Reseller?
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Do you offer a Service Level Agreement (SLA)?
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Do you provide any graphic design or web design?
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Do You Do Any Custom Installations?
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How Can My Customers Order Dedicated Servers From Me?
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How Do My Customers Submit a Server Reboot Request?
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Who are your up-stream providers, where can I find more information about your Network?
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What Types of Operating Systems do you Support?
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Is Customer Support Included with my Server Order?
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What is the URL of the Interface my Clients will Use to Enter a Reboot Request?
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How Much of a Discount Will I Get as an Approved Reseller?
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How do my clients get technical support?
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What is the SuperbHosting.net Reseller Program?
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Who Should Join the SuperbHosting.net Reseller Program?
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Affiliate Program
What is a Tier 1 and a Tier 2 commission?
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Do I have any other payment options other than PayPal?
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What is myCP?
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When do I get paid?
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I forgot my ID and password for myCP. What should I do?
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I accidentially signed up twice. How do I cancel one?
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Order / Modify Services
How do I Order Server Load Balancing?
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What are some of the Popular Options for my Hosting Account
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What Managed/Support Services Are Available for my Server Order?
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What are my Options for Ordering Additional IP Addresses?
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What Kind of SSL Certificate (E-Commerce) Options Are Available from Superb?
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What are the Support Subscription Order Options About?
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What Control Panels are Available to Order?
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What are my Options for Ordering RAM for my Server?
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What Bandwidth and Traffic Options are Available for my Server Order?
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What Port Speed Options are Available for my Server Order?
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Can I Order Email Options with my Dedicated Server?
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What Kind of Dedicated Firewalls are Available for my Server Order?
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What is the OS Hardening Order Option?
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What Operating Systems Are Available for my Server Order?
1.88 3321
What Back-Up Solutions are Available for my Server Order?
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What is the Proactive Monitoring Order Option?
2.00 3280
What RAID Options are Available for My Server Order?
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What Add-Ons Are Available for My Control Panel?
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Are Rails Available For Rackmount Servers?
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What is the Automatic Patches and Updates Order Option?
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What Kind of Hard Drives are Available During My Server Order?
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What Type of Database Options are Available for my Dedicated Server?
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What are the space options for server colocation?
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